Rebecca Cappellini, PHR
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  Help research a Benefits Plan that works for your business. Help your broker or business owner to train you and your staff on the plan design.
 Work with you and your employees on the Open Enrollment process.

Hiring Process:
 Review the new hire process and assure completion of all the mandatory forms. Help create or update your Employee Handbook or Manual.
 Review employee classification of Exempt and Non-Exempt.

Coaching and Counseling:
 Work with your owner to ensure proper documentation is prepared. Assist in the delivery of disciplinary action and preparation of responses.

State and Federal Regulations:
 Review mandatory postings required for your size business. Provide information on purchasing and selecting the best agencies. Review your mandatory postings for Title III and ADA.

Termination and Unemployment Compensation:
 Review current documentation for accuracy. Post termination benefits.
 Provide unemployment claims training.

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